Home™ DC TV 32in

AVID™ Series DC TV

Omnivoltaic AVID™ Series DC TVs combine state-of-the-art HDTV technology with features critical to off-grid solar home systems. As an integral part of the Omnivoltaic Audio/Video/Info_Device solution portfolio, these TV sets are the most power-efficient products of this category, delivering viewing performance expected the digital age under the toughest operating conditions in remote off-grid locations.

This the AVID™ Series TV lineup includes models from 19-42″. The specifications of this DC TV 32 can be downloaded from here.

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Solar powered off-grid TV is DC power supply. The design is different in many aspects from standard TVs. Omnivoltaic off-grid TV series has important features specially designed for off-grid situations:

  • Super efficient power consumption. Energy from the sun is free, but the solar panel and battery are not. Efficient TV set means reduced overall cost of ownership.  Because the a digital tuner is built-in
  • Built-in DVB-T2/S2 Tuner ready to connect to signal sources from satellite or OTA broadcasts, not only convenient and simple to setup, but also saves power.
  • Paid content can also be added via local content providers, via a certified CAM card.
  • 9-36V wide DC voltage input range. Off-grid power system voltage is highly variable. Protection against input voltage instability is important to extend the life span of the TV.
  • Input voltage polarity reversal protection.
  • Improved picture stability. The use precision LED drivers ensures stable brightness even as the power supply is at not always stable.
  • Multi-media playback options. This is more than a TV. In fact most media file types can be played on the unit, making it a versatile player.