Lumn™ L190

Lumn™ L190

Omnivoltaic Lumn™ L190 is a portable solar light led outdoor solar panel powered or USB rechargeable camping lamp tent lantern touch emergency lights collapsible waterproof lighting.

The Lumn™ Product Family includes M600, M400, L500 L300, and L190.  The entire family complies with the Lighting Global Standards, see the Standardised Specification Sheet for Lumn 190

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Overall Performance After One Day Solar Charging

  • Lighting On “Super” Setting: 5.9 Hours @ 190 Lumens
  • Lighting On “Normal” Setting: 12 Hours @ 94 Lumens
  • Lighting On “weak” Setting:36 Hours @ 25 Lumens

Charging System

  • Charge Control: MPPT, LVD HVD
  • PV Charging With Solar Panel: 2.4W Solar panel supplied with the product packaging
  • Phone Charging Current:500mA

Storage System

  • Storage Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 3.6 Volt DC
  • Battery Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Battery Protection: Active HVD And LVD

Special Features

  • Cell phone Charging Port: Water-resistant body design
  • Drop impact resistant: Rigid Engineering Plastics Mounting Stand