Lumn™ L500

Lumn™ L500

Omnivoltaic Lumn™ L500 is a single light solar lantern with a maximum 500 lumens light output.

The Lumn™ Product Family includes M600, M400, L500, and L300.  The entire family complies with the Lighting Global Standards, see the Standardised Specification Sheet for LUMN Family Specs Book.

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Charge Control:LVD HVD

PV Charging With Solar Panel:6.5 W Solar panel supplied with the product packaging

AC Charging Adapter:Standard 5V USB (1500mA)

Storage Battery Type:Rechargeable lithium battery

Nominal Battery Voltage:7.2 Volt DC

Battery Capacity:5200 mAh

Battery Protection:Active HVD And LVD