Off Grid Fridge Pack

This home system pack includes:

  • 85L fridge,
  • 2 x bright 200 lumens LED bulbs
  • 1229Wh Lithium LFP Battery Hub
  • 2*205W Solar Panel
  • Pack Specifications.


The parts that make up Off Grid Fridge Pack are:

DC Fridge:

Battery Power Hub:

  • Lithium LFP Battery Pack, 1229 Whs Rated Capacity
  • 24V DC @ 15A  Outlet for Fridge
  • 4 x 12V DC Outlets Total 4A
  • Standard 5V USB
  • Part Specifications.

Solar Panels

  • 2 x 205 Wp Crystalline Solar Panel - Matched for daily energy consumption
  • Part Specifications.

LED Light Bulbs