DC Portal

The Camp™  DC Portal is designed to:

  1. Replace all of the individual AC adaptors used by electronic devices such as internet modern, router, Wi-Fi hub, cordless phone base, security monitoring camera hub,, etc..
  2. To provide uninterrupted power to all the devices, powered from an attached battery hub,

Most small DC devices can be powered by the multiple protected outlets with selectable with 6V/9V/12V/18V voltages and a  powerful current supply of 2.5A each.  Additionally, two USB ports, 4.5~ 5.25v / 2.1A, are provided as per USB standards.

See the Standardised Specification Sheet for ovCamp™  DC Portal.

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Have you ever had your conference call interrupted by a power cut, and you have wait to reconnect while your diesel genset re-connect?

Omnivoltaic DC Portal is here to keep your office communication devices through a blackout or "brownout" period.

  • Uninterrupted powered from Camp™ Battery Hub
  • Optionally powered by solar or DC adaptor
  • Support most common DC voltages: 6/9/12/18 VDC, as well as standard USB 5V
  • Settings locked in memory after power off
  • An assortment of commonly used DC connectors
  • Suitable for most common office communication devices such as Cable or GSM Modems, W-Fi, Router, Repeater, TV Antenna Power, LED lights