The ovCamp™ Series of 12V DC Battery Hubs, up to 500Whs in capacity, are field-tested, Lighting Global Certified, and competitively priced category leader.

Featuring industry leading lithium LFP battery core and sophisticated power controls for optimal charging and discharging cycles, these units have a life cycle of 15oo or more with less than 15% degradation.


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ovCamp™ can power a wide range of DC appliances from LED Lights, to DC Fans, to Phone Charger, TV, Fridge and many more.

These units are also equipped with advanced asset management features:

  • Protection against Over-Charging, Over-Discharging, Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Over-Temperature conditions;
  • Full status diagnostics software
  • Compatible with Omnivoltaic ROAM IoT Technology for remote data acquisition
  • PayGo encryption token systems (works with Omnivoltaic Omni-Pay Systems)