Tube Light Pack

This pack includes:

  • 4 x Super Bright and Efficient 1000 Lumen LED Tube Lights
  • 250Wh Lithium LFP Battery Hub
  • 75Wp Solar Panel
  • Full Installation Kits
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This is one of our popular lighting kits, designed to brighten up an office or classroom!

The power source is the proven workhorse 250Wh Camp™ battery hub, paired with a 75Wp solar panel that should charge the battery to full-on average season clear days.

The premium quality LED Tubes are bright and yet pleasant on the eye. Of course, they are also remotely controllable with OVES Torch/Remote handset!

This package provides a high-value solution for offices, shops or classrooms. Supplied in the kit are a full set of installation cables and connectors.