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DC Powered Satellite Decoder For Off Grid TV Pack

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Omnivoltaic has added a DC powered satellite decoder to its off grid TV packs, responding to popular demands from customers who hope to watch TV in places where electricity, TV broadcast and TV network are not available.  This addition makes Omnivoltaic off grid TV Pack truly off the grid!

Power, Content = Entertainment!

Omnivoltaic introduced the solar powered off grid 19in TV package in 2013, and promoted a special World Cup edition in early 2014, capable of delivering 6 hours continuous watching from one day solar charging.

Specifically packaged for the 2014 Football World Cup season, the easy-to-install system consists of solar panel, lithium battery power hub, a 19in LCD TV and a light-bulb. All cables and accessories needed for watching the games are included.

This is one of the packaged off-grid home systems offered by Omnivoltaic, based on its ovCamp™ solar powered DC12V technology. For detailed information, click here!