Access to Clean Energy for People in South Africa

Xenia Zoller

56 million pounds are to be transferred from the Clean Technology Fund to South Africa to strengthen the country’s battery storage technology and give people access to clean energy. During her business trip to the United Kingdom and South Africa, the UK Prime Minister Theresa Maycontributed more than £56 million to a $500 million investment developed by the World Bank and the African Development Bank in partnership with the South African government.

She further announced development measures to improve capabilities in the areas of large data volumes, artificial intelligence and clean energy, and the effort to strengthen the economic relationship.

“Investing in research, developing tomorrow’s capabilities and tackling the global threat of climate change are key commitments of this government and are at the heart of our modern industrial strategy,” says Business Secretary Greg Clark.
During her visit to South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, the Prime Minister announced a new phase of British support for the Partnership for Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy (DARA).

Source: Government UK

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