England and Wales Water Company Plans to Pilot Large Scale Battery Storage Use

Xenia Zoller

Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) is one of ten regulated water and wastewater companies in England and Wales. During the coming years, the company announced the implementation of large scale battery storage systems in order to help its customers keep their bills as low and to make an effort for the environment.

Northumbrian Water will work with Argonaut Power, which will bear the investment costs for this project. Argonaut will also take over the operation of the battery plant and benefit from it by contributing to the savings and revenues achieved. The batteries themselves are the second life Li-ion units recovered from Renault electric vehicles. Connected Energy’s energy storage engineers will be providing the technology. A contract is expected to be signed by the end of 2018, the batteries are expected to be fully operational by the end of summer 2019.

“Large scale battery storage is going to be a major feature of the electricity industry going forward and this is a great chance for us to learn how we can benefit from it. We expect that having batteries on site can also help us get more value from any renewable energy we generate on our sites. Again, we expect this to become more important in the future as we develop more and more renewables, so this early learning is important.”, said Anthony Browne, Energy Development Manager at Northumbrian Water.

Source: Northumbrian Water Limited

Image Source: pixabay | pixabay.com