New Storage System at ees Europe

Xenia Zoller

VoltStorage GmbH, a Munich-based company that develops power-storage systems for photovoltaic facilities in private households, will be presenting a new generation of vanadium-redox-flow batteries at ees Europe in June. With levelized cost of storage (LCOS) around 10 Ct/kWh, the VoltStorage SMART is one of the most cost-efficient storage solutions for private households in the European market. The SMART battery is said to be a ground-breaking alternative to the lithium-ions based storage systems.

The orientation point for the performance are the profiles for private households. The SMART vanadium-redox-flow battery will have a capacity of 6.8 kWh and a maximum output of 2.0 kW. The system is directed at consumers who want to store the energy they produced through renewable energy production. It can be extended for more capacity and output on demand.

“If consumers’ self-supply of solar energy is to become the standard across Europe, this will be achieved only with storage solutions that are economically effective and safe, both in procurement and in operation,” notes Jakob Bitner, CEO and co-founder of VoltStorage GmbH. “The VoltStorage SMART is our answer to this.”

Source: ees Europe


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