Pivot Power Plans £25 Million Grid-Scale Battery Near Carlisle, UK

Xenia Zoller

As the city of Carlisle gets ready to take the lead on the EV market through a growing charging infrastructure, Pivot Power has announced a £25 million EV charging superhub project on the edge of the city. This will be the second of 45 sites in the UK to achieve planning permission and it will consist of 50MW batteries combined with rapid charging stations.

The company’s battery plan will be operational by October 2019 and it will be able to store enough electricity to supply nearly 6,000 average homes for a day from a single charge. Construction of the 25 needed containers is set to start in July 2019. With this project Pivot Power aims to develop the strategic M6 corridor as part of a planned charging network from North to South and East to West.

Mikey Clarke, CTO of Pivot Power, said: “As this week marks Green Great Britain Week we could not be more thrilled to announce plans for the site at Harker on the doorstep of the Lake District UNESCO World Heritage site. The plan will contribute to cleaning our nation’s air and driving forward a cleaner greener economy – a need brought into sharp focus by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s landmark climate scenario report last week. Working with the local authorities, our plans will see Carlisle become a pioneering city for low carbon vehicle adoption, ensuring that the rural areas it serves are not left lagging in the EV revolution.”

Source: Pivot Power

Image Source: Pixabay | pixabay.com