Project to Transform Retired EV Batteries Into Energy Storage Systems for Office and Factories

Xenia Zoller

While old batteries are currently being disassembled into their components and recycled, used batteries from electric vehicles are mean to function as part of energy storage systems in the future and can be tapped if required. Southern Research and the National Institute of Clean and Low-Carbon Energy (NICE) are working together on a project to extend the life of EV batteries.

A new energy and control topology for storage systems was developed by NICE in Beijing, China. The innovative approach allows each battery to be optimized for performance and life. The remaining 20-30% charging capacity of used lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles could be used for less demanding tasks and would thus avoid being dumped.

“Every old EV battery has many different factors that affect the overall performance and life cycle of an energy storage system. No two batteries are alike. NICE technology solves the problems associated with the use of old EV batteries; it is a breakthrough,” said Dr. John Lemmon, Director of Distributed Energy at NICE Beijing.

Source: Southern Research

Image Source: Pixabay |