RECC Responds to Consumer Demand with Consumer Guide

Xenia Zoller

The RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) is responding to consumers’ need to better regulate their energy consumption and offers solutions to optimally manage their energy needs by publishing a consumer guide for smart meters, smart appliances, battery storage systems, electric vehicles and PV solar modules.

Usually special systems regulate the feeding of surplus energy into the grid and at the same time regulate prices. In some cases, time of day tariffs are available that only offer users cheap electricity in certain periods of time and exclude peak consumption times from consumption. This will be laid down in a contract. 20 questions will now serve consumers as a basis for action and answer the most important questions about demand-side response before they decide to sign the contract.

In parallel to the National Grid’s October Power Responsive Flexibility Forum, RECC is publishing its new guidelines today. The Association for Decentralised Energy presented its Code of Conduct for non-domestic consumers at the Forum, ahead of the official launch.

Source: RECC

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