Rolls-Royce Launches a Lithium-Ion Energy Storage System for Ships

Xenia Zoller

Rolls-Royce’s SAVe Energy is a cost-effective, highly efficient and liquid-cooled battery system for the marine market that includes intelligent power control. Since energy consumption can be scaled as needed, profits for shipowners are maximized and the green investment pays off.

The new system covers a wide range of ship applications, including ferries and cruise ships. This was ensured by the shipping companies Color Line, Norled and the Norwegian Coastal Administration Shipping Company, which were involved in the development along with Norwegian Research Council of Norway’s ENERGIX program. The SAVe Energy system is compatible with LNG or diesel engines in a hybrid solution and can handle peak loads, while the main generators concentrate on the average load without reducing the thrust of the drive units.

“Battery systems have become a key component of our power and propulsions systems, and SAVe Energy is being introduced on many of the projects we are currently working on. This includes the upgrade program for Hurtigruten’s cruise ferries, the advanced fishing vessel recently ordered by Prestfjord and the ongoing retrofits of offshore support vessels. As a system provider we can find the best solution considering both installation and operational cost”, added Andreas Seth, executive vice president of Rolls-Royce, EVP Electrical, Automation and Control – Commercial Marine.

SAVe Energy is supplied by the Rolls-Royce Power Electric site in Bergen, Norway, as part of the complete ship systems range.

Source: Rolls-Royce

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