sonnen Puts Virtual Battery Into Operation

Xenia Zoller

Energy company sonnen and tiko Energy Solutions have teamed up to bring the largest virtual battery as of yet to their customers in Germany. It consists solely of home storage units and will be able to help with fluctuations in the electricity grid.

The virtual battery consists of thousands of storage units all over the country, which are used for internal consumption. By using artificial intelligence the units are arranged into a large battery, which is able to make up for changes in the electricity grid. This makes it possible to react to fluctuations in a short amount of time.

“We are very happy, that we as a young company are able to make energy history. This way we show that our customers can take on all functions that have been reserved for big power plants. They can generate and store energy, and ensure security of supply. This way, the shift from old energy systems with centralized power plants to new energy systems with people at the center will be final” says Jean-Baptiste Cornefert, director of sonnen eServices.

Source (German): sonnen

Image Source: pixabay |