THEnergy Supports Growing Potential of Mini-Grids

Xenia Zoller

THEnergy is a consultancy firm highly-specialized on microgrids/mini-grids and offgrid renewable energy. This week, the company released a short report about their latest market observation in these areas and the growing potential of mini-grids for rural electrification.

The consultancy states that several international economic leaders are already investing in this business and, as a result, driving the industry even further. THEnergy now promotes their newly-developed approach to help investors shorten due diligence processes and cut overall financial burden during the acquisition process of mini-grid projects for everybody involved: “The objective is to make the process for future due diligences more efficient and to reduce transaction costs. Before the main process starts, we also provide detailed market information to investors which helps to manage their expectations and to select investment targets that correspond to their needs,” Dr. Thomas Hillig, Managing Director of THEnergy, explained.

Source: THEnergy

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